How To Get Fair Skin Fast

Published: 11th April 2011
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Are you a person with darker complexion wanting to lighten your skin color? Do you want to get a fair skin complexion?
Many women and some men spend lots of money on cosmetic or pharmaceutical products that promise to whiten skin and eliminate all types of skin imperfections. Other people opt for laser treatments or surgery which can provide instantaneous color change but are expensive. While others are happy to use clever mineral makeup to lighten skin and cover skin problems such as wrinkles, scars, birth marks, spots and other imperfections.
Some people believe lighter skin color will give them greater social acceptance, enhance their career prospects or even make themselves more physically appealing to the opposite sex. Whatever the reason, in recent years there have been many exciting developments to make whitening and brightening your skin not only achievable but relatively safe and inexpensive.

What Makes Skin Color
Human skin complexion ranges from white, which is virtually colourless as it is only the pink colour of the blood in the skin, through yellow, brown to black.
Generally, peoples originating from nearer the equator in the sun belt of the world have darker skin tone. People originating from higher latitudes, such as northern Europe, have lighter and whiter skin. Why is that? Nature has developed a natural skin protection mechanism in the human body. As humans developed and lost body hair they developed skin pigmentation as a sun protection mechanism. There is a protein, called melanin, in the skin that reacts to light and causes the skin to darken. People from warm and sunny climates, such as Africa, have a higher amount of melanin and therefore dark brown or black skin. It is also noted that females have slightly lighter skin complexion than males. Maybe this is due to the role of males as the hunter who spent more time in the sun whereas the females spent less time in the sun and more time looking after domestic duties of raising children and cooking.

How To Get Fair Skin At Home
Many people tend to overlook the fact that nature provides many powerful natural ingredients that can whiten, moisturize and increase elasticity in the skin.
The main reason for using natural products with skin whitening ingredients is that they have no adverse side effects. Most of the ingredients are natural, used in our everyday diet and the human body tolerates them well. As you will know exactly what ingredients are in your homemade products you simply exclude them from your recipes if you have an allergy to them. Another reason for using homemade treatment is that you make them fresh every time you use them. Unlike many cosmetic creams that sit on shelves for long periods of time and lose their curative properties. But the most appealing reason to use homemade skin whitening products is that they are much cheaper than commercially produced products. Everybody is able to afford to purchase the raw ingredients at a supermarket and quickly make these natural products in your kitchen.

Try these simple home treatments to get fair skin.
Apply lemon or lime juice to your skin on a daily basis. As lemon juice can be quite acidic it is best to test it on a small part of your body first such as your hand. If there is no adverse reaction or side effect after a few hours then it is generally safe to use it all over. If there is any burning or any kind of reaction stop using it immediately. The citric acid will help break down the melanin protein in your skin and remove the dead surface layer of skin to reveal newer and lighter color skin. Your body can naturally transport away melanin protein from the revitalized skin.
Apply cucumber juice to your skin. This juice has natural whitening and brightening properties to lighten and condition your skin. It is especially good around the eyes as the juice is less acidic than lemon juice. You can also rub a cut cucumber into your skin. Donít wash it off but leave it on overnight for maximum effect.
Mix a paste using turmeric powder and fresh lime juice. Apply it to your skin for several hours before washing off.
Taking vitamin C tablets over a period of time can also lighten your skin.
Homemade skin whitening products are by far the least expensive and safest solution to how to get fair skin. Try them for yourself and see the results of healthy glowing skin in a few weeks.
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